The biohotel is the first hotel for scientists and the non-stop-shop for biotechnology.

The BioHotel is a new model for flexible and fully serviced lab space for life science companies.

BioHotel laboratories are connected to a virtual twin to plan experiments, book and collect equipment data, and monitor ideal conditions such as airflow, temperature and humidity from home or the office. The labs have reproducibility and regulations at their heart to enable companies to move fast and seamlessly from R&D to trials to production.

Besides private labs, the BioHotel facilities provide access to specialist lab suites such as sequencing labs, PCR labs and tissue culture labs, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds for a few pounds per day. The suites can be booked hourly, daily or weekly without the friction of quotes or enquiries. Its services include (cold) deliveries, clinical waste, H&S and an integrated consumable store, allowing companies to focus on developing their technology instead of investing time and money into their infrastructure.

The Design

A better way to work for biotech startups of all sizes.
Every business is unique, from its vision and dreams to its workflows, skills and teams, so we've developed lab spaces that reflect this. Whether they are pioneering new innovations in PCR, therapeutics, diagnostics, synthetic biology, foodtech, health and beauty or beyond, we designed a lab modular lab that fits every business.

Our system is customisable to every workflow, with modular equipment units and workbenches that can be swapped out as your protocols develop.

And as businesses scale and the team grows, the lab space can also. We've designed our labs so that when you need more space, you can add one or more adjoining labs to create a linear workflow.

We know that the most valuable asset to any biotech startup is time.
The BioHotel experience is about optimising a lab design and layout so that you have more time to focus on the science that matters and scaling your startup.

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