E12 Digital Desktop

More than just a light, the design has a built-in camera that enables users to take images of documents for archiving with the help of computer vision.

Team & Collaboration

Product Design

Bauhaus University Weimar


Helene Steiner

Peter Schwartz

Anna Schulz-Pitsch

The idea behind the E12 is the enhancing of your analogue desk with digital improvements. Its folding mechanism makes this three sided lamp not only easily portable, but also very fast to erect. The battery powered leads provide you and your desk not only with excellent lighting, but also with true colour brilliance.

The built-in camera and projector takes care of all your analog and digital desktop management and archiving needs - with the cue of your hand.

In collaboration with Peter Schwartz and Anna Schulz-Pitsch

E12 featured in Designboom



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