Edu Locker System

"Edu" is a modular school locker system optimised on students, teachers and schools needs. It is a simple solutions that suits any school or university.

EDU is affordable and adapts to the individual needs of every school. The perforated panel enables a safe and simple mounting. The holes allow a custom design. EDU is industry-orientated, long-lasting, and practical. The standardised and stackable boxes measure 400 x 300 mm and offer a private space for every child. The boxes have ergonomic handles and are easy to pull out to bring them into class. Every school can create its perfect locker system with customised colours and its ideal size of boxes. The powder-coated boxes are available in different heights and RAL colours. EDU is easy to install on the wall. Its slim panels are ideal forclassrooms and corridors. The EDU system also operates as a mailbox to encourage and enable communication. Additionally, every locker has a single socket to load and lock phones and other media.A 5 month-long research has been conducted prior. Subsequent discussions with teachers, principals, parents, education authorities of Austria, and specialists enabled a holistic overview of their challenges.The workshop was inspired by the „Design Thinking for Educators’ Toolkit“ and took place at four different schools with children from 6 to 15 years.During the workshop, the class had to explore, define, discuss, invent, draw, build and present their thoughts on what their perfect school looks like.