DECOD is a new open-source hardware and software platform driven by nature to re-connect and re-experience our environment. Its mission is to empower a new generation of biodevelopers with an affordable tool that focuses on biological processes and their roots, in order to hold artificial and natural worlds in balance.

Team & Collaboration

Innovation Design Engineering

Royal College of Art & Imperial College London

DECOD takes advantage of the sensitive reaction of plants to external and environmental factors and is able to capture and translate these signals. The software and hardware is easy to use, making it accessible even for children. Simply connect with trees and choose the signal and output your are looking for, allowing you to explore nature in your own way, to build your own inventions, to help communities, create the future of agriculture, or to explore your own garden.

Inspired by the maker movement, DECOD emphasizes learning-by-doing for a social movement. Get part of the movement and help build a library of biosignals, and a better understanding of our environment for a healthy future of biotechnology.

Software DEMO examples:



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