Inflated Curiosity (MIT Media Lab & RCA)

The event celebrates the relationship between the Royal College of Art and the Tangible Media Group from MIT Media Lab.

Team & Collaboration

Royal College of Art

Tangible Media Group MIT Media Lab

Organized by Helene Steiner

The event offered a platform for exchanging skills and open up a discourse of relevant topics between the Royal College of Art and MIT Media Lab, strengthening the connection for future projects. The workshop was held by students from the Tangible Media Group from MIT Media Lab and  included a workshop and a talk series to think, discuss and create new interactions with future dynamic materials and to discuss the need of a tangible world with 'radical atoms'. Selected speakers from both institutions will present their work and research examining the intersection of design, technology and science from different angles, in order to bridge different disciplines.

The focus of the talks were tangible interactions and outlined different considerations each disciplines can contribute, from a historical, sensory, technical, material, biological and scientific view, followed by a series of participant workshops

Talk series with Hiroshi Ishii (Prof. Tangible Media Group, MIT), Emily Candela (RCA), Felix Heibek (MIT Media Lab), Bruna Petreca (RCA), Jifei Ou (MIT), Kostas Grigoriadis (RCA), Lining Yao (MIT), Veronica Ranner (RCA) and Helene Steiner (alumni RCA, Microsoft Research).



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