Polyp Laundry Basket

A wall-hanging laundry basket system to get your laundry out of your way.

Team & Collaboration

Product Design

Bauhaus University Weimar


Polyp is a laundry basket that attaches to vertical surfaces and serves as a wall ornament. The design is made from plastic and holds laundry inside holes. Once the laundry builds up to a point where the fabric is visible, it sends a signal to the user to wash their clothes. Each unit of polyp is sized to match the size of the laundry machine. The units can be combined in various arrangements or hung alone. The units come off the wall and can be easily transported around.

Polyp featured in Designboom


2010 Blickfang, winner of the student award, Vienna/Austria
2010 Designprice „best product“, Blickfang Vienna/Austria



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