Open Cell

45 shipping containers in Shepherd’s Bush London, with offices, workshops and biology labs for early stage startups and designers.

Team & Collaboration

Dr. Thomas Meany

Helene Steiner



Royal College of Art

Council LBHF

Open Cell, co-founded by Helene Steiner and Dr. Thomas Meany in 2018 and is a collaborative project with the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (LBHF) Council. Aligned with the Council’s Arts and Industrial Strategy the mission is to expand young people’s horizons from a wide range of backgrounds by giving them exposure to activities they would otherwise be unlikely to access.

Open Cell, is a non-profit community research centre that aims to transform the relationship between communities and biotechnology. This is not a traditional scientific research centre but instead a place where community members can attend talks, workshops and access studio/laboratory time alongside role models to explore the uses of biotechnology in their everyday lives. The goal of Open Cell is to establish a long-term and sustainable initiative where citizens can take control and learn, experience, create and discuss important topics around biotechnology, their health and well-being. It provides a sandbox for young innovators to create human-centred and impactful applications.

Open Cell in the GUARDIAN
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